School Council


We have a ‘School Council' which consists of 24 pupils; a boy and a girl, elected by their own class. This group meets with the Head Teacher (Mrs Butler) and a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT) on a regular basis. The school council makes decisions, after consulting with their peers, about changes in our school.

Recent decisions have been the new Year 1 toilets design, playground developments and improvements, how to make the school more attractive through planting bulbs and raising money for charity.

Why do we need School Councils? 
For many years, all the decisions about children were made by adults. But adults don’t always make the right decisions, sometimes because they haven’t talked to the children about the issue. 

By being on the school council, you will be able to help the adults in our school make the right decisions for you.

What is the job of a School Councillor? 

  • To go to school council meetings and take part in discussions.
  • To let your class know what was talked about at the meetings.
  • To take the ideas and views of your classmates to the Council.
  • To be involved in activities that the School Council runs.

If you want to know more about the school council, or are interested in becoming a school council member, take a look at our School Council Booklet or you can visit the School Council Noticeboard.

The School Council Noticeboard displays the next Agenda (list of what is going to be talked about at the next meeting) and the Minutes (written notes that tell you what happened at the last meeting), as well as School Council activities.