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How we teach Maths

Mathematics sessions include daily practice in mental and oral arithmetic skills and comprehensive teaching and learning in number, shape, space, measurement, and statistics. Children are encouraged to use reasoning and problem-solving activities to consolidate learning and to deepen understanding. Fluency in maths will help children to make connections and recognise patterns in maths, as well as becoming flexible in their approach to calculation. The Mathematics Curriculum is delivered through year group long-term planning, you can see an overview below and we follow the White Rose Maths scheme.

Lessons are planned using government approved materials and a wealth of resources, such as ‘Numicon’ and ideas from our own bank of resources. Teachers ensure that, where appropriate, maths is taught in a practical way and is applied to a real life context. Year groups are well equipped with resources to facilitate interactive teaching. All teaching and learning in maths is tailored to every child’s needs.


Year 1 overview - spring term

Year 2 overview - spring term

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