Reinwood Infant & Nursery School

Forest School

At Reinwood, we believe that an ‘outdoor’ approach to play and learning can have a huge impact on the development of all children. Research shows that children who have frequent access to opportunities for play in nature are more balanced, less stressed, are better at concentrating and have fewer days off sick. 

At Forest School, children visit the same site on a regular basis and, through play, have the opportunity to learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks, use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others. Learning at Forest School is very ‘child led’, meaning that sessions are planned to meet the needs and interests of the children in that group, as well as take account of the seasons and weather - therefore, no two Forest School programmes are the same! Currently, Forest School programmes are run in Reception and Year 2. 

During their time at Forest School, the children develop skills in the following areas:

- Self esteem
- Self–awareness/self-regulation
- Social skills
- Self-motivation
- Physical skills
- Creative/Imagination
- Environment 

Photographs and videos of your child’s experiences will be taken throughout the programme and will be compiled into an online folder that the children will use weekly to review their own achievements and progress. Some of these will be shared on the school X account.

For more information about Forest School in general, go to

Burfitts Road, Oakes, Huddersfield, HD3 4YL

01484 651103