Reinwood Infant & Nursery School

Rights Respecting School

The Rights Respecting School Award will put the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of everything we do at Reinwood School. Our school ethos is written around the rights of the child. We aim to nurture a lifelong love of learning for all our children.

Our School Charter states:

At Reinwood Infant and Nursery School we believe that all children have rights no matter who they are, what their ability is, where they live, what their parents or carers do; what language they speak; what their religion is; whether they are a boy or a girl; what their culture is; whether they have a disability; whether they are rich or poor. We believe no child should be treated unfairly on any basis.

The children have all been learning about their rights and their responsibilities:

They have the right to a good education.

  • They have the right to find things out and say what they think unless it hurts or upsets other people
  • They have the right to be listened to
  • They have the right to play and rest
  • They have the right to be protected from being hurt on the inside and the outside
  • They have the right to a clean environment
  • These rights apply to all children in our school and in the world

With Rights come Actions we can take:

  • We can use kind hands and kind words
  • We can work hard and learn at school
  • We can listen to others
  • We can look after our environment by keeping our school tidy


At Reinwood, we have achieved the Rights Respecting School Award, Level 1. It is a project devised by an international charity called UNICEFUNICEF means the United Nations Children's Fund, and it is the world's leading organisation working for children and their rights. 

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