Curriculum Overview


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The table below gives an overview of the curriculum across the school year.

Reception Year 1 Year 2
Autumn 1 Myself and my Feelings

New Beginnings
Fairy Stories

Changes -

within living memory

All About Us
Autumn 2 Toys and Talents Toys Light and Dark

Changes -

beyond living memory

Spring 1

Family and Community
Traditional Tales

My Family and Me Homes and Buildings Dragons, Knights
and Castles
Spring 2 Traditional Tales
People Who Help Us
Magical Mystery Tour Pirates!

Living Things

and their Habitats

Summer 1 Growing Up Strong

The Living World

Investigating with
Barnaby Bear

Famous People
Changing Lives

Summer 2 Holidays People Who Help Us Animals in Hot
and Cold Places
Oh, I Do Like To Be
Beside The Seaside!