Reinwood Infant & Nursery School

Reinwood Curriculum

What does the National Curriculum look like?


  • English, Maths and Science will be the building blocks

  • Curriculum + High quality teaching = High standards and good progress

  • Greater rigour in mathematics with a greater emphasis on arithmetic

  • In science, there is a stronger focus on the emphasis of scientific knowledge and language

  • English programmes of study will place greater emphasis on the written and spoken word

  • ICT out - Computing in

  • Food in DT

What does our curriculum look like?

  • English and Maths are to be given the highest priority

  • Science & Foundations subjects should teach essential knowledge with relevance and develop interest.

  • We strive to provide a rich curriculum that engages ALL children in bespoke memorable learning experiences by offering 

    • Creativity 
    • Aspiration and Ambition for ALL 
    • A nurturing community that broadens life experiences 
    • Outdoor learning opportunities that provide enjoyment, challenge and adventure and promote positive health and well-being 


    Our curriculum will develop children that 

    • Grow in confidence and initiate their own learning and realise their own skills 
    • Explore and become adaptable 
    • Show resilience and persistence  
    • Work as a team, develop problem solving, anticipation and decision making  


    By doing this they will develop an 

    “I Can” attitude. 

For further information on our curriculum please see our individual year group pages and if you would to talk to one of our subject co-ordinators please make an appointment at the school office. 

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