Reinwood Curriculum


What does the National Curriculum look like?


  • English, Maths & Science will be the building blocks

  • Curriculum + High quality teaching = High standards

    and good progress

  • Greater rigour in Mathematics with a greater

    emphasis on arithmetic

  • In Science there is a stronger focus on the emphasis

    of scientific knowledge and language

  • English programmes of study will place greater

    emphasis on the written word and spoken word.

  • ICT out - Computing in.

  • Food in DT

What does our curriculum look like?

  • English and Maths are to be given the highest priority

  • Science & Foundations subjects should teach essential knowledge with relevance and develop interest.

  • It will

      * Embed a sense of ambition and love of learning

* Prepare pupils for the opportunities,
responsibilities and experiences of future life

* Meet the needs of all our pupils

* Promote RE and SMSC development

* Give high priority to Creativity

* Allow children to lead their own learning

* Enhance learning through the Outdoors

* ICT & Computing