Investors in Pupils

Reinwood Infant & Nursery School is an Investors In Pupils school. We first achieved this award in 2004 and we have, once again, successfully met all the criteria.

What is Investors in Pupils all about?
This quality award recognises the achievement of the whole school. It values all pupils and helps them to improve the understanding of their role in their learning journey.

Some of the things required of an Investors in Pupils school is for each classroom to have:

  • An individual target - to show that we are all learners together. These targets can be personal or academic. The children choose their own target and it helps them in one of five areas: Attendance, Behaviour, Classroom Management (keeping tidy, taking care of things, knowing the cost of things), Learning and Induction (looking after new people in the class). 
  • A class target - reviewed and renewed weekly to help the class work as a team on a chosen area – eg, lining up sensibly, playing together at playtime etc.
  • A class promise/charter – decided upon by all the class to help the class to, again work as a team, but for each child to know how they contribute to that class to make it a happy, caring environment in which to learn.

Other areas of Investors in Pupils are:

  • Knowing that all pupils at Reinwood Infant & Nursery are valued and included in decision making and things are done WITH them, not TO them. Having a very active School Council and Eco Team is very much a part of Investors in Pupils at Reinwood.
  • Children having an understanding about why they need to come to school & how learning links with their future aspirations.
  • Knowing the roles and responsibilities of people who help them to learn.
  • Having an understanding of what our school Governors do.
  • Knowing about where the money comes from to run the school & what needs to be paid for out of this money.

 View a pdf of our 'Investors in pupils' handbook.