Reading & Phonics

Within school the reading schemes we use include: Project X, Oxford Reading Tree, Story Sparks, Infact, Glow Worms Poetry and Story Worlds.
Project X is a high-quality whole-school reading programme built to motivate 21st century children, especially boys, and raise literacy standards across the school. It has some great action packed stories and characters which the children can relate to.
Oxford Owl is a FREE website built to support you with your child's learning. To help you along the way, you'll find age-specific reading and maths tips and activities, FREE eBooks and lots of fun ideas to really bring your child's learning to life.
You will also find support and advice on a range of questions you may have, including helping your child with their phonics, motivating boys to read and ensuring your child is doing their best in maths.

There are a couple of great websites that would be useful for your children to use at home. Both websites are focused on Phonics and they are linked to the National Strategy of Letters and Sounds, which is the approach taught in school alongside Jolly Phonics.

The websites have some fun interactive games that will help your child with segmenting, blending, applying and improving their phonic knowledge. The games will also be useful for Year 1 children as practice for the National Phonics Screening in June.

Phonics Overview - Reception

Phonics Overview - Year 1

Phonics Overview - Year 2

. has some free games that help children practise Phases 2, 3, 4 and 5, which they learn at school throughout Year 1. There is also a Phase 6 section which is covered in Year 2. Picnic on Pluto and Buried Treasure are excellent games but there are many more. The games allow your child to use their phoneme knowledge and not just guess the word. Also in each Phase there are games on sentence substitution and these help your child with reading the words and creating sentences that make sense. The website has a section for Parents which you may find very useful.

Poop Deck Pirates again focuses on Phases 3, 4 and 5. This game will help your child read real and non-words.

Phonics is so important because it helps your child understand how words are put together. This in turn helps to improve their reading, spelling and writing.

If you have any questions about reading or phonics please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher.