Handbell Ringing


What do the children do at Handbell Ringing?

  • We listen to a piece of hand bell music.
  • We learn something about hand bells and the way they are set out on a table - bass, tenor, treble.
  • We also learn to ring the bell correctly and get a clear note from it.
  • We practice ringing simple, familiar tunes from music written on staff notation.

And what do we aim to teach the children?

  • How to ring hand bells in the ‘traditional Yorkshire’ way.
  • To be able to play familiar tunes and have fun.

What do the children think of their Handbell Ringing?

"I like it a lot because I get to learn songs. I like the sound of the bells"

"I like learning different songs. The top bit of the bell is made out of metal and the bottom is made out of leather."